Latest WOF Information

Many people don’t know it, but WoF rules have been changed. Here’s what you need to know to ensure your vehicle will pass an upcoming test. 

History of WoF in New Zealand

Six-monthly WoF inspections were introduced in the 1930s and vehicle safety technology has dramatically improved since then. Analysis of crash data also shows that vehicle defects now play a very small role in road crashes.
Following careful consideration a decision was made to reduce how often some vehicles are required to have a WoF inspection. These changes were made to save motorists time and money while maintaining road safety, which remains the Transport Agency's priority.

The old rules…

Previously all new vehicles were issued with a 1 Year WoF. Any vehicle registered in NZ that were less than 6 years old received a 1 Year WoF from the inspection date and any vehicle that was more than 6 years old received a 6 month WoF from the inspection date. 

The new rules…

The length of time a WoF is issued for is calculated based on the vehicle's date of first registration in New Zealand or overseas.
Every new vehicle registered in NZ automatically receives a 3 year WoF from the date of first registration OR issue of the first WoF date - whichever occurs first.  
If a vehicle was issued with a 1 Year WoF and that vehicle is less than 3 years old then, then that vehicle will receive the balance of the 3 Years WoF from the last WoF expiry date.
All vehicles registered on or after 01/01/2000 and are more than 3 years old will receive a 1 Year WoF. These vehicles would previously have received a 6-month WoF. 
All vehicles registered before 01/01/2000 will STILL receive a 6-month WoF. This has not changed.

Find more details below:

Date of first registration anywhere or vehicle age

WoF expiry
Never registered anywhere previously and not yet registered in New Zealand 3 years from reference date
Any WoF issued within 2 years from date of first registration anywhere Third anniversary of date of first registration anywhere
First registered anywhere on or after 1/1/2000 (other than a vehicle listed above) 12 months from reference date
First registered anywhere before 1/1/2000 6 months from reference date


Here’s what your new WoF label will look like


What the changes mean for vehicle owners

The changes come into effect when your current WoF expires, so just take your vehicle in as usual and the WoF inspector will issue the new warrant for the appropriate length of time.For more information, you can call NZTA contact centre on 0800 108 809, or by emailing